No Surrender!

On Friday in a desperate attempt to salvage a deal on fishing, Michel Barnier attempted to persuade EU politicians and apparatchiks to drop their insistence on continued full access to UK sovereign waters. It has been reported that the offer to Lord Frost is now that the UK might be allowed “12-18%” of the catch of fish in UK waters after 31 Dec 2020!

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Under the EU our fishing industry has been decimated. Below we present facts researched from the UK’s official Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and its official antecedent organisations, from the EU’s official statistics agency Eurostat, and from DEFRA, the government department responsible for fisheries.

“On 01 January 2021 the UK will automatically become an independent coastal state. The UK’s 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) will then apply. The UK will automatically regain exclusive sovereign rights over all waters and resources within its EEZ under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

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Without an explicit agreement to the contrary, the EU has no legal right to fish in UK waters after 2020, nor to claim inflated quotas for resources that are predominantly in British waters. It will be forced under international laws and conventions to reduce the amount of fish its member states’ fleets can catch in all other waters – dramatically.

“The EU’s last documented position is that it is demanding that the UK must “uphold existing reciprocal access conditions, quota shares and traditional activity of the Union fleet.” In other words it wants full and unconditional access to the UK’s waters and its fish, exactly as if the United Kingdom were still an EU member state.

“Either the United Kingdom becomes a sovereign country on 01 January 2021 or it doesn’t.

“One of the many litmus tests for this is what happens to the UK’s control of its waters. As a nation with a long maritime history, it is essential that the UK regains full control. This should not be mitigated in any way by anything written into a ‘trade deal’ with the EU”.

it’s being claimed by the French that all the fish are French, but most of them just happen to swim in UK waters! C’est de la merde ce truc. 

2 thoughts on “No Surrender!

  1. stodgey

    Two words: Territorial integrity.
    Our territory, as recognised by international agreement. It’s up to us what we do with it, and the resources therein. It’s in our gift to give, to rent out, to sell quotas; it’s not in the EU’s remit to demand, to take, to filch another sovereign country’s territory.

    Johnson be warned. This is the reddest of red lines. Any backsliding, fudging and backstabbing will never be forgiven.


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