WLBC Apologises For Misleading A Resident And Rosie Cooper

“Flooded of Burscough” writes about his recent experience of contact with “Authorities”. It’s something we all try to avoid, contact with them, but sadly never achieve.

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He writes “Readers will detect a very different tone to my submissions to WLR today. This is because I am rather conflicted. Throughout life I have been brought up to be decent, and when someone offers an apology, then I should be man enough to accept it with grace. I would love this still to be the case, but very nearly 5 years battling to save my home from flooding has brought me into very close contact with persons in Authority and though I had always been respectful of them throughout my life, it has come as a bit of a shock to me to finally realise my unerring faith in their honesty and integrity was seriously misplaced.

“In correspondence with the Authorities, I have learned to focus on what has not been said, rather than any replies that are made, as it seems to be the case than many within the Authorities do not want to be found out telling lies, but neither do they wish to tell you the whole truth, so this is regularly withheld and this is to the detriment of the Public that the Authorities serve.

There are many people who are as good as their word. I hope that everyone who knows me believes that to be the case. There are those who will make their way through life making promises of good deeds in the future which never materialise. These people quite often get to the ‘top’, leaving a catalogue of broken promises and disappointed people behind them. They don’t care if that is the case, they have a different mindset and can fall asleep at night without any thought for those who they have trodden upon.

“So the question here is, “Is this a sincere apology”? I don’t know, but because of my background I will accept it as such, but it is conditional. It needs to be more than empty words, it needs to be backed up by positive steps to support the Public you serve and do the right thing. Please show the residents of Burscough, and particularly Crabtree Lane, what positive steps have been taken by WLBC to resolve the plight of the residents you serve over the last 5 years.

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You may also wish to consider whether misleading our MP Rosie Cooper was acceptable.

WLBC Letter below;


“I am in the process of reviewing the correspondence that has either come in directly to the Council from yourself or via the MP and will respond fully in the very near future. However, I must express my sincere apologies for not sending on the notes of the meeting that was held with the County Council, Lead Local Flood Authorities and United Utilities. This was entirely my error, and having checked my emails I have realised that, whilst we did send them to the MP, they were never sent directly to you. I now attach them for you and am quite happy for you to share them with your fellow residents. I will be in touch shortly.

Readers might wonder why it takes “reviewing the correspondence” by an officer paid to work for the public before bothering to reply?

2 thoughts on “WLBC Apologises For Misleading A Resident And Rosie Cooper

  1. stodgey

    Do I smell genuine heartfelt ‘contrition’?
    Or the dead hand of a PR hack using ‘Solution number 27’ in the chapter entitled ‘I’m really, REALLY soreeeee, honest’ of the Spinners’ Bible?

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Have you checked your olfactory receptors recently? Smelling contrition from WLBC seems strange. But the dead hands of hacks and the use of the Spinners’ Bible are the tools of choice from within Derby Street Towers, as we all know.


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