WLBC Car Parking Policy

WLBC declares “Car Parking-Income and expenditure”. A summary of the income and costs associated with off street Pay and Display parking and enforcement for the period 1 April 2018 – 31 March 2019, is detailed below:

Off Street Pay and Display Parking £625,506
Penalty Charge Notices £59,225
Other Income £1,824
Expenditure £506,447
Surplus £180,108

“Surplus” income is used to maintain and enhance car parks. This includes ensuring the lines and signs are legible and that the car park surfaces are free from defects”. How, if the “Surplus” is used as stated, “to maintain and enhance car parks” is it not expenditure?

Derby Street Monday – Friday

Up to 30 minutes free (parking ticket must be obtained and displayed). 70p for up to 1 hour; £1.10 for up to 2 hours; £1.60 for up to 3 hours £2.00 for up to 4 hours; £3.00 for up to 9 hours. Saturday; up to 4 hours free (parking ticket must be obtained and displayed) £3.00 for up to 9 hours

Benefits of working for the Council. Car Parking “There are ample car parking facilities at all of our sites and all Council employees receive free car parking”. Council tax payers should be told how much employee free parking adds to our council tax.

A reminder. September 2020 “From Planning Portfolio Holder Cllr Dave Evans “Following ongoing review of the effect of free parking on Ormskirk town centre, it is clear charges must be reintroduced to encourage more shopping custom and eliminate those who have been using the car parks for all day free parking. It has been found that some residents have parked up for the day getting the train to Liverpool, which is no benefit to Ormskirk or West Lancashire whatsoever”.

As we wrote “You really couldn’t make it up! The “free parking policy nerds” in Derby Street Towers have lost the plot! Free parking meant free parking and people parked for free. But the nerds didn’t really mean it, or didn’t know what they meant! No surprise there then?”.

And, once again we wonder how the entirely free staff parking perk for up to 500 WLBC staff is of any benefit to Ormskirk or West Lancashire?

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