BBC Bosses Have Been Warned

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that millions of people are refusing to pay the annual TV licence fee after backtracking on a deal to offer free access to the elderly.

The universal free TV licence for over-75s has ended with the BBC confirming they will now means-test those in that age bracket to determine their entitlement. And a third of over 75s households have still not bought a licence, three months after the changes were introduced.

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The group “Defund the BBC” is campaigning to make the payment of the licence fee voluntary. Group member Calvin Robinson has now warned the corporation elderly Brits are ready to stop paying for TV access after years of underrepresentation.

peaking to talkRADIO, Mr Robinson said “We hear from so many over-75s saying, ‘actually, we’ve had enough.’ The BBC promised they would keep this licence free for us, they’ve gone back on their promise, it’s the final straw.

“They’re not willing to pay anymore and I think that’s fantastic, people are standing up and voting with their wallet they’re saying no. The BBC has underrepresented us for too long, why should we pay them for this?”
Responding to threats of potential incarceration for those refusing to pay, Mr Robinson insisted attempts to launch legal action could seriously impact the BBC’s image. He insisted the corporation had failed to deliver on programmes aimed at core members of the public in a bid to appeal younger viewers among the “woke millennials”.

He added “They can’t take all the over-75s to court, it’s just not possible but if they did, how would it look? But then again, the BBC doesn’t tend to care so much about its image these days. They’ve been chasing this young audience, these woke millennials who aren’t actually interested in the BBC and they’ve been leaving the elderly behind. And now the elderly are saying, why should we bother?”

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In a statement, a BBC spokesman said “The past few months have served as a powerful reminder of just how much the BBC matters locally, nationally and globally. Our programmes and services have never been more relevant, important or necessary”.

What a poor deluded bugger he is. The BBC is a disgrace. It pays huge sums annually for “talent”! Gary Linaker does one Saturday night football programme and somebody else does the Sunday programme for one tenth the salary! Spot the difference?

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