The Thrill That Comes Once In A Lifetime

WLBC wants to know are you “Experienced in creating reports that evidence the current “as is process” linked to service delivery”? If so did you ever have a real life? Feel free to read it again if it isn’t clear!

What you see is advertised by WLBC as employment for a “Fixed Term Business Transformation Analyst”. It will pay you a Salary of £32,910 to £35,745 per annum
Post Type: Full Time; Tenure: Temporary; Length: 23 Months. You will be an asisofficer! Perhaps the thingy below explains it?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is as-is-process-header402x.png

“As usual, this is an exciting time to join West Lancashire Borough Council”, was it ever thus?

“We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated Business Analyst, who is skilled at extracting and interpreting data to provide insight that drives evidence based decision making and new ways of working to emerge that enhance the experience for our residents”. I can’t wait for the experience to reach me! This below might explain it? Or not!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is business-process-flow-template.png

“The successful candidate will be: Experienced in extracting and analysing customer data across a range of systems; to allow proactive improvement plans to be implemented that drive improvements; Experienced at gathering service knowledge and insight data to identify performance improvements; Experienced in engaging and working with Services, Stakeholders and Service Users to understand the customer journey experience and formulate improvement plans, underpinned by evidenced based data analysis and analytics; Experienced in creating reports that evidence the current ‘as is process’ linked to service delivery, and working with service managers, teams and customers to agree pro-active plans to improve service offer and performance; Experienced in improving service delivery through data and intelligence.

“If you are looking for a new and exciting challenge, and you understand the aforementioned gobbledegook and have the relevant experience, we [WLBC] would love to hear from you”.

What a way to earn £32,910 to £35,745 per annum!

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