From A Burscough Resident

In answer to our new article “A Letter To WLBC” a resident comments and asks “why participate”?

“Well, well, well. Shudders aplenty reading that. It’s like someone walking on my grave. Most of the usual suspects are there, the greasy guy who has climbed to the very top of the greasy poll, the councillor with the aptly named surname……
It brings back awful memories of the utter fright-fest that was the Yew Tree Farm protest. It irrevocably changed me, a brilliant campaign that got the vast majority of the population galvanised in opposition to the YTF proposal. All done in good faith, in answer to the council’s invitation to ‘Have Our Say’ – to tell councillors how we really felt, how could it fail?

“Well, we all know how that went – and where the petition, the letters, the pleas, the parish vote, and the expensively produced stolen posters all ended up – In the bin marked ‘FOR PULPING’.
Consequently, I no longer ‘have my say’ on anything the council asks for because there is just no point. There is no objectivity, just push, push, pushing for the answer they want, and I will not legitimise the process by participating. All you need to know is that Burscough is going to be a new dormitory town, built on a wing, a prayer and a massive water retaining sponge. What could possibly go wrong?”

“Why participate” has been asked since 2012. We all saw the “Have Our Say” invitation and many had their say, which was ignored. What can’t now be ignored is the regular flooding of Burscough. WLBC ignores it at its peril!

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