Sunday Satire, BBC Extortion Racket “Licence Focus On Cost Reduction”

TV Licensing is Crapita, outsourced by the BBC to exhort money from some of the poorest people in the country with the blessing of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A Wiltshire pensioner has won a three-month battle with TV Licensing (Crapita) to get a new television licence. Avril Fisher paid £157.50 after receiving a TV licence renewal notice at the end of August. She sent off her cheque with a torn-off slip on September 6 and the money was taken from her bank account on September 29 just a day before the renewal date.

But in October, the 71-year-old widow received an overdue notice from TV Licensing (Crapita) and told them she had already paid. The Trowbridge lady said “On Saturday, November 14, I got what I would call a very threatening letter from TV Licensing (Crapita). It said my property is under investigation and my details had been passed to Bath enforcement division. It threatened me with the risk of prosecution and a £1,000 fine. It left me feeling worried and upset”.

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TV Licensing (Crapita) said “We are sorry for the inconvenience and concern caused to Mrs Fisher while trying to set-up her licence. An administrative issue led to a delay and letters being sent in error. The issue has been rectified and we have been in touch with Mrs Fisher to let her know that a licence is now in place”.

Mrs Fisher said “I am over the moon because I have been so distressed”. So when will the BBC compensate Mrs Fisher for its agent acting illegally? How dare the BBC use Crapita against vulnerable people in this way?

It doesn’t end the there. The BBC extortion racket continues as evidence grows of how the BBC has wasted more than £350,000 of ¬licence payers’ cash on taxi, train and hotel ¬bookings that were never used. The Corporation has admitted that 5,455 train tickets, 600 hotel rooms and 1,631 taxi trips were cancelled over the last five years and it was unable to claim refunds.

Aborted train trips cost it £273,000, cancelled hotel bookings another £64,800 and abandoned taxi journeys £25,000. It means the BBC blew more than £6,000 a month on transport and accommodation ¬nobody ended up using.

The news comes just months after the BBC scrapped free TV licences for most over-75s. More than three million more people will now be forced to pay £157.50 a year. And it follows new Director General Tim Davie’s pledge to “keep a focus on cost reduction”.

Andrew Allison from the Freedom Association blasted the wastage. He said “The BBC shows little regard for licence fee payers’ money and these figures highlight that. For as long as it gets its funding from a compulsory telly tax, nothing will change. The only way forward is to scrap the licence fee and fund the Beeb through advertising and subscriptions.”

Each unused cab cost the BBC an average of £15. Cancelled train tickets cost around £50 each, while the hotel room bookings that were left empty cost an ¬average of £100 each. The BBC said it tries to keep cancelled bookings to a minimum and for flights that are not used its booking agent American Express automatically claims back the cash.

For taxis it said that all BBC fares have an initial 10-minute waiting time built into the charge, and this is normally enough to allow late-running passengers to get their cab. On train fares it said many are claimed back, but cheaper “advance” tickets are not refundable.

Funds were also wasted on unused accommodation. A BBC spokesman said “As a 24-hour international broadcaster, a significant amount of travel in 2019/20 was inevitable and the nature of our work means plans can often change at short notice. We have strict policies in place to ensure value for money, with over 95% of the money we control spent on content and services.”

But John O’Connell, chief ¬executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said “Spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ cash on travel and hotels that weren’t even used is simply unacceptable”.

Thankfully over 1.3 million over 75’s quite rightly are refusing to pay a penny to the BBC’s extortion racket. This article confirms what the British people already knows, that the BBC squanders taxpayers money like there is no tomorrow.

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Are you still handing over £157.50 a year to the BBC so that it can give the gormless multi millionaire BBC radio presenter Zoe Ball a £1million pay rise in 2020 taking her annual BBC salary from £400K to £1.4million despite her show being so bad over 1 million listeners have deserted it?

Bring the BBC’s bullying and harassment of Britain’s over 75’s and its squandering of public money to an end. Without your money the BBC cannot give £1million pay rises to its club of talentless multi millionaires.

Patricia Gartley, aged 77, has vascular dementia and is not capable of operating a television to tune into any BBC channel. Her son Tony says her TV is only switched on for background company and it stays tuned to a single Sky channel at all times.

Tony says his mum is exempt from paying council tax because of her condition and believes it is ridiculous to ask her to pay £157, especially when she doesn’t watch any BBC programmes. He said “She will not be paying her TV licence as she does not watch any BBC channel programmes and has no access to the BBC iPlayer. The only channel she watches is Sky Witness”.

When Tony advised TV Licensing of his mum’s circumstances and asked for some understanding, he received a blunt reply back saying that she still had to pay. After an exchange of messages he issued them an ultimatum, saying “If you or your colleagues pursue this matter anymore I shall be removing the television completely, so if you wish to remove my mother’s only pleasure in life then so be it”.

Tony told the Telegraph: “My mum only uses the television as a noise in the background and something to look at. She has carers in four times a day. It is totally heartless, there seems no consideration. There is no consideration for my mother’s health. I’ve got power of attorney and the television is only there as a bit of company for her. It’s a disgrace that she should be put in this position when she can’t even operate a remote control.”

Despite being informed that Mrs Gartley’s television could now be removed, bosses at the licensing authority 9Crapita) are refusing to back down.

A TV Licensing (Crapita) spokesperson said “We are sorry that Mr Gartley was concerned by the communications received by his mother. However by law a licence is needed to watch or stream programmes live on any channel, including Sky channels, and this has been explained to him.

“We have made it easier than ever for family members or care workers to deal with TV Licensing on behalf of older customers. To support older people who are struggling financially we have also introduced the 75+ Plan, so customers are able to make smaller, more regular payments from around £3 a week. Anyone aged 75 or over receiving Pension Credit is eligible for a free licence”.

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The law says you need to be covered by a licence to watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV on any channel, but there is huge controversy around licence fees, particularly for the elderly, and growing debate about whether the funding model is fit for purpose.

Some local senior citizens are refusing to pay after exemptions ended and one Greenock woman said earlier this year that she’d be willing to go to jail on a point of principle if she is prosecuted over her non-payment protest.

TV Licensing (Crapita) said “We encourage those who are eligible to apply for Pension Credit”. We may safely assume that these Crapitas will not be existing on pension credits with a Government (Tory) licence to threaten over 75s as they are now doing!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Satire, BBC Extortion Racket “Licence Focus On Cost Reduction”

  1. Adrian Owens

    I was arguing for the abolition of the TV licence in 2009. Dowden’s latest musings don’t fill me with confidence that it will go though.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      I am afraid there is no political will to abolish the BBC licence despite some government pre-election hints. Too many BBC fee beneficiaries, too many snouts in troughs, and too many frightened over 75s to say no to the Crapita “fee paying targets”. What an indictment of the BBC and its supporters this is.


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