Boris Johnson Gets Caught Short As EU Celebrates World Toilet Day

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As another trade deadline is passed, Facts4EU.Org looks at the EU’s ‘facilities’. Somewhat fittingly perhaps, on the day that the Prime Minister was once again caught short in his efforts to secure a UK-EU trade deal, the EU was celebrating World Toilet Day (yes, really).

Thursday 19 November was the latest in a growing list of missed deadlines for the UK-EU trade deal. There is still no agreement on the same three issues which the EU has used to block the progress of talks since it was finally ready to start talking trade in March of this year.

Sitting squarely in the “You couldn’t make it up” category, on the same day that the EU failed to offer anything new once again,
the Commission’s statistics agency produced a report on the number of EU households without an indoor flushing toilet for the household’s sole use.

Never ones to shirk its responsibilities,
the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team plunged into the bowels of the EU’s datacentre in order to bottom out the extraordinary variance in the level of facilities available to EU citizens in their homes.

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Over the years Brexit Facts4EU.Org has produced many reports showing the wide disparities between the member countries of the EU, from economic output to minimum wages to healthcare to workers’ rights.

“We have done so to highlight to the public that the UK is one of the most advanced nations in the EU and in the world. Our reports have been instrumental in countering the absurd Remain narrative that the world’s fifth-largest economy is somehow too small and insignificant to prosper as a free, independent, and sovereign country”.

The availability of an indoor flushing toilet in a house is a natural expectation for British people. The latest report above shows how untrue this is for the citizens of some EU countries.

But what is of interest in West Lancashire is the destination of the flushed toilet effluent. United Utilities has no answer, although its managers are paid huge salaries regardless. WLBC has no answer, although its managers are also highly paid. Ditto LCC, which has no answers. Residents have the answer. They see it in their homes, their roads, and it is unacceptable. They know drains and sewers are badly maintained by underfunding.

Give it time and we, the UK, will be at the level of Romania!

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