April 2012 “Labour Should Come Clean Over Burscough Homes Plan” Say Conservatives

“If they are for development, why not say so? If they are against it, my question would be what do they propose to do about the lack of affordable housing and the current infrastructure issues in Burscough?”

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Yew Tree Farm-too big an issue to play politics with

Cllr Pratt added “I’ve spoken to a number of Labour activists who privately tell me they are not against the plans for Yew Tree Farm. So my question to them is – if that’s what they think, why not say it in public?

“It’s clear they are electioneering but
this is too big an issue to play politics with. We are challenging them to come clean and answer a very simple question, are you for the development, yes or no?

“If they are against, which land have they identified to satisfy the housing numbers and, also, will developers build there? If the plan is not deliverable, then it will be open season for developers”.

Promoted by Graham Jones on behalf of Jason Grice and George Pratt, all of WLCA, 72c New Court Way, L39 2YT

And now, what do we have? The implication of None of the Agencies have any concerns about flooding, we have heard that so many times in the past, then we go and allow a development, and what happens a few months later, we have flooding”.
Playing politics, while floods were virtually ignored. Just infrastructure concerns”! Is it any wonder this WLBC is such a disaster for resident taxpayers while developers have had years of filthy lucre?

We should all be hoping the mushroom farm decision is a line in the sand. Officers approved it, elected members opposed it. If it goes to appeal, it will seem that officers have provided the positive grounds for it. Is that democracy?

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