The Times They Are A Changing, For Serco?

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It seems that Serco is seen as a bid candidate after publishing good trading figures. Profits from coronavirus! A source links it to a possible merger with Babcock, and two private equity firms taking advice from investment banks.

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It’s to be hoped the prospectus would include the shambolic landfill royalty scandal at the Beacon Park Golf Course? Especially the planning conviction, the Breach of Conditions, unchallengeable as imposed by the WLBC Solicitor, yet supposedly “regularised” by WLBC.

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Readers know that West Lancashire Borough Council issued Breach of Condition Notice Reference E/2015/0223/BCN for Beacon Park Golf Centre that required Serco Leisure Operating Limited to comply with a stated condition by “Removing all excess material placed on the land hatched black on attached Plan 2 dated 11 May 2018 to provide the land profile as defined by Sections M-M, N-N, and O-O and contoured site plan all shown on plane reference 115.14 received by the Local Planning Authority on 13 July 2011. Time for compliance Six months beginning on the day on which this notice is served on you. Dated:16th May 2018. Signed Terry Broderick Borough Solicitor.

“Warning. There is no right of appeal to the Secretary of State against this notice. It is an offence to contravene the requirements…after the end of the compliance period…you will then be at risk of immediate prosecution in the Magistrates Court for which the maximum penalty is £2,500 for a first offence and for any subsequent offence”.

November 2020, no progress. Excuses about Covid 19, which wasn’t around by November 2018.
Two years leeway on a statutory order. Do you suppose Serco now owns WLBC? Or is that just an impression after the first 2011 planning permission for the landfill royalty development scam?

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