Petition Launched To Fix Flooded Subways

Residents in Skelmersdale who are fed up with subways in the town being flooded started a petition to Lancashire County Council calling on them to install better drainage systems. More than 500 have already backed the online petition, which aims to “finally sort out” the flooding issue with local subways every time there is heavy rain. Two of the most badly affected subways are in Tanhouse and Ashurst, with one resident claiming he has seen children swimming in the dirty water.

The person who created the petition, James Upjohn, said “Skelmersdale was originally built with a network of subways to ensure that residents didn’t need to walk onto busy roads. Because of this many roads in Skelmersdale don’t have pavements. Unfortunately our drainage system fails regularly and after heavy rain the subways are often left unusable”.
Mr Upjohn would have been a candidate for Ashurst Ward this year, 2020, but elections fell foul of coronavirus.

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“This forces pedestrians to have to walk in the road, putting themselves in danger of traffic. Local children have even been seen swimming in some of these flooded subways and that’s just not acceptable. This is a recurring problem and temporary fixes are not the solution to this problem that has plagued the town for years”. Local resident Mark Banbridge added “This issue needs sorting, it’s been like this for years. Walking on our roads is not safe and it’s time that we had this issue fixed!”

Is this what the elected representatives of Skelmersdale accept? Flooding is a major irritant and issue for residents. If the issue of walking on the roads of Ormskirk because of flooding happened, there would be riots. Mr Upjohn may be an Ashurst candidate in May 2021. He should walk in with a huge majority if nothing is done about the neglect while he campaigns for an end to it!

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