I Want These Parents To Sort Their Kids Out

Is the headline from Roger Blaxall on his QLocal website.

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“An Aughton lady returned home from the Moss Delph Lane shops angry and upset – and here’s why. She was shocked to see a group of teenagers ‘smoking weed and doing drugs’ outside MLS funeral directors.

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She told QLocal in a voicemail to its busy news desk “I have just returned from the Moss Delph shops and saw a group of teenagers smoking weed and doing drugs sitting outside the funeral parlour which is not applicable considering what’s going on right now.

“I just don’t think it’s right and I want these parents to sort their kids out because they are meant to be in lockdown. They were smoking drugs outside and there are people who have just died of Covid there and they were all laughing and joking, and it’s not on”.

“Police are known to visit the area which is also covered by council controlled CCTV cameras”.

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Which reasonably raises the question of what WLBC does with the images it will have of these events? Will they pass them to the Aughton police? It’s hardly rocket science is it? We pay for CCTV for a purpose, what is it? Perhaps WLBC will enlighten us, or not?

They, WLBC, state “We monitor a borough-wide network of CCTV cameras, 24 hours a day, to ensure that West Lancashire remains a safe place to live and work. We’re extremely proud of the scheme and in 2013 it was extensively updated with a new state of the art CCTV suite, upgraded cameras and dedicated CCTV transmission equipment.

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“CCTV is an important tool in providing evidence, but it plays a more important role of reducing crime and the fear of crime for local communities, and enhancing reassurance for residents, which is one of the Council’s top priorities”.

Clear enough? Will the Aughton lady learn in due course the CCTV reduced crime, and the fear of crime, she reported?
Don’t hold your breath, it just might interfere with yobs’ rights to be obnoxious in public!

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