Correspondence From The Flooded Trenches Of Burscough

Being flooded in your home while the powers that be sit smugly in Northern Lancashire, and Derby Street Towers Ormskirk, believing they can heap bullshit upon you can stir the emotions. Like betrayal, disgust, pessimism, anger, resentment, outrage.

But outright bullshit is most appropriate for the letter we’ve seen from WLBC to Rosie Cooper in respect of meetings and shared information with Bernie Webster of Burscough. It’s a rambler of extraordinary proportions that doesn’t explain why, having been invited to a meeting, Mr Webster and others were excluded. But he could have the minutes! The letter mentions “urban creep” although it doesn’t identify the individual concerned. Perhaps it ought to, we’ve heard confession is good for the soul?
Perhaps it’s a “collective group” of creeps? Probably!

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Mr Webster has responded below.

“Further to discussions regarding the Meeting of 14th September this year
from which Residents, Burscough Flood Group and myself were all excluded, I have received a letter via our MP Rosie Cooper from yourself dated 21st October 2020. Ref. GD/ZA53369, this is copied and highlighted below.

“Your letter clearly states that you are sharing information and that a further offer has been made for a meeting, and that it would be an opportunity for us to share information. This is dated post 14th September.

“Can you tell me please, bearing in mind it is now a full 8 weeks since the meeting, 1. What information have you shared with me since this date (14th Sept). 2. By which means did you communicate this information. (E-mail, letter
by post, verbal communication, text or any other means). 3. On what date was this information communicated. 4. What contact have you made with any of the Residents of Crabtree Lane since 14th Sept. to gather local Knowledge in order to help resolve the flooding issues here.

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“You have clearly indicated to our MP that you have made contact as regards the above, and I am sure that in your professional capacity you would not deliberately mislead her, so perhaps you can help me understand by answering the questions above.

“You may also perhaps consider indicating whether the flooding of homes in Crabtree Lane is considered an urgent matter to yourself and all the Authorities involved”.

Hopefully, at the meeting Mr Webster may or may not attend “The further offer of a meeting” those attending from LLFA, UU, WLBC, NR, etc could share snaps of their flooded homes with him? Well, you’ve got to have some optimism, haven’t you?

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