Sunday Satire

There is, in this once great country, a will from politicians both national and local, to inflict pain and suffering on elderly and disabled people. It comes from out-sourcers, Serco, Crapita, and many more.

It comes mentally and physically. There are statements of intent, like the Over 75s BBC TV Licence. And as Age UK put it “Our concern has always been that if the Government thinks it can get away with handing over concessions like the TV licence, it might start looking at things like bus passes and the winter fuel allowance next”. It will, you can be sure of it!

Local politics creates strange bedfellows. The Tory West Lancashire Borough Council climbs into bed with much detested Serco for its leisure services in 2004, but the Labour West Lancashire Borough Council from 2015 stays in the same bed, beholden to the by now criminal Serco, for those same leisure services.

How can Labour West Lancashire live with itself in 2020 knowing of the history of the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill royalty fraud? By written admission, an officer met a VAT fraudulent company director.

How do our elected members live with these policies? They want you to share good news by this new Shareogram!

Well, do it, share your good news. But don’t be shy about sharing with them the bad news. Why be selective?

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