Council Tax Payers Falsely Represented

Welcome to our first instacrap report. “January 2018 Sam Currie‏ @Samuel_P_Currie Replying to @jones22_mary @LizSavagelabour @LabourWestLancs “Thank you for your response, Mary. Regardless of party politics I believe that West Lancs residents deserve cllrs who are committed to them and not focussing their efforts elsewhere. I’m sure you would agree with this”.

November 2020 “Sam Currie who resigned then didn’t” but went to live and work in London and still does, takes the West Lancashire Councillors allowance for representing Aughton & Downholland invisibly and ignorant of local problems.
Does Aughton & Downholland still deserve focussed elsewhere Sam Currie?

Just asking! As we’ve said in the past “we might just as well be represented by locally grown turnips!”

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