The Culture Of Deceipt Part 2

To continue what Mark Prosser wrote to the Beacon Park Golf Club members in 2011, and remembering that DCT had been publicly praised in WLBC meeting minutes.

“Whilst the project is under way and we have the resources available we will also be enhancing existing tee zones and building much needed winter tees where ever necessary, and the 16th will be at the top of that list.

“We are totally cognizant of the concerns of all parties and of course have commissioned all the relevant consultations with regard to Flora, Fauna and Ecology and Traffic Management and will of course be working hand in glove with WLBC on all matters arising.

“I’m really excited about this project,
the costs are massive and in the normal course it is unlikely that DCT or WLBC would allocate the necessary funding. However it was brought to my attention last year [2010] that when developers are excavating a site pre build, they need to find somewhere to put what they dig up, and are prepared to pay someone to take it. Well all of a sudden what would otherwise have been impossible was suddenly possible, what is a nuisance to them is exactly what we need to create the infill.

“It’s very early days yet, the initial planning applications are with WLBC so we’ll see where that takes us. I’ve worked out a way to manage the works so we can play 18 holes throughout the project, so I am happy with that and if the project gets the go ahead it will be scheduled for minimum disruption to start October time so the bulk of the heavy work is completed over the winter months whilst the course is at its quietest.

“Once we get approval I will get the members involved with the Course Architect so we can all agree the way we would like the re developed holes to look and what hazards (Bunkering etc) would add maximum value to ensure that we have a challenging and fair enhanced course.

“I hope that gives you an overview of what we are setting out to achieve and if any one has any queries, please do not hesitate to call in for a chat.

“Your support is fundamental to this project and I am hopeful that by working together we might even retain a budget for some strategically placed perimeter fencing, however we will review that at a later stage. I will keep you up to speed as things develop”.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is redbeaconclub.png

Application Received Thurs13 Jan 2011 2011/0051/SCR | Screening Opinion – Improvements to golf and country club including remodelling of 5th, 6th, 13th and 14th holes and formation of junior academy practice course. | Beacon Park Golf Centre Beacon Lane Dalton Wigan Lancashire WN8 7RU.

The planning history at the Beacon Park Golf Course started with 2001/2043 | Alterations to Golf Clubhouse | Beacon Park Golf Clubhouse Beacon Lane Dalton. There followed 13 Planning Applications one of which was by Jonathon Snellgrove 2016/0040/FUL received on 12 January 2016 Oakland Golf And Leisure Limited 20 Rockery Road Leeds LS18 5AS, approved.

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And why is 2016/0040/FUL relevant? Because the applicant was a director of a convicted company. All of which was ignored by West Lancashire Borough Council. That Director under due diligence from WLBC would be barred from involvement.

And there you have it…”Working hand in glove with WLBC on all matters arising”. And that was “WLBC Leisure” that ignored DCT Ltd VAT evasion and ultimate dissolution. Ignored Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd director VAT fraud and agreed the planning application. That was the culture of deceit personified.

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