“Sharing The Information We Hold With The Wider Community”

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We are a bit concerned with transparency in West Lancashire, the honesty of the Council, as the WLBC Website claims “Open data in the public sector is about increasing transparency and sharing the information we hold with the wider community. The Local Government Transparency Code places requirements on local authorities to publish information in order to increase democratic accountability and make it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision-making process and help shape public services”.

And, on the assumption that what can’t speak can’t lie “From WLBC “Further to your freedom of information request, please see my response below.

a) How many WLBC staff have been tested for Covid-19, Answer “This information is not held by the Council”.

b) How many WLBC staff have proved positive for Covid-19, Answer “22”.

c) How many staff in both a) and b) above have been in contact with the public? Answer “None”.

Readers might wonder how the positive answer in b) seems to be known in isolation to the negative answers in a) and c)?

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