60 Days Until The End Of The Transition Period

Important message from 16 organisations reflecting the views of millions of voters. Never before have so many Brexit organisations combined behind one message to Government.

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Collectively we reflect the views of millions of voters who took you at your word that there would be no political alignment with the EU, and we urge you to read what follows. Today, Monday 02 November, there are just 60 days until the end of the Transition Period, at which point the UK will enter into a new relationship with the EU. As things stand, this new relationship will be governed by the ongoing Withdrawal Agreement, including its Northern Ireland Protocol, and will be influenced by the Political Declaration, (WA/PD).

Any trade deal struck by the UK Government with the EU before 31 December must not leave in place the onerous and unacceptable obligations of the WA, several of which fail to meet normal standards for international treaties between sovereign countries. These failings will become increasingly apparent as the country nears the next general election.

“The UK Government must act to rescind and void the WA – or to amend it very substantially, which the EU has said it will not do – before 31 December, irrespective of any trade agreement which might be agreed between the parties. Such action is justified under the 1980 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

We call on you, Prime Minister, to take this action in order to deliver on your General Election manifesto promises of December 2019, or else face millions of voters who will feel utterly betrayed. Please do not let the country down. The following groups endorse this message:- Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Alliance of British Entrepreneurs, Brexit-Watch, The Bruges Group, Get Britain Out, Global Britain, Green Leaves, Invoke Democracy Now, Labour Leave, Out and Proud, Scientists for Britain, Scots for Leave, The City for Britain, The Time Party, Think Scotland, Veterans for Britain”.

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