National Lockdown (5th November 2020)

From Serco West Lancashire Community Leisure.

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Following the government announcement, we are currently digesting what this will mean for our members and the centre. We understand many of you will have questions, but please bear with us while we work through this recent update and we’ll be in touch soon”.

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It is without doubt a nightmare without end for the WLBC owned Beacon Park Golf Course, as we relate so often. By the abysmal mis-management of the “development” of the course, their enrichment by landfill royalties, and the steady stream of senior golfers leaving to play on proper golf courses, Serco has proved the utter failure of out-sourcing by WLBC.

A reminder of 9th October 2020 from WLBC Head of Wellbeing & Leisure Services “With regards to the question relating to greenkeeping staff, I can confirm that there is currently one member of staff employed as a Greenkeeper at Beacon Park Golf Course.

“The Head Greenkeeper left at the beginning of October and Serco are currently in the process of recruiting a new Head Greenkeeper. In the interim alternative arrangements are in place to provide the necessary expertise, which includes the use of the Council’s existing grounds maintenance team and other support from a local golf club”.

We’ve recently read something from WLBC about empowerment of communities. When might that apply to the leisure services? “Healthy resilient and engaged communities that work together to improve the places they live and work”. And “To improve customer satisfaction”. How is Serco delivering customer satisfaction at the wreckage of the Beacon Park Golf Course?

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