WLBC Council Plan, Our Vision, Continued

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West Lancashire together; the place of choice to live, work, visit and invest

Support businesses to adapt and prosper

We want:

• West Lancashire to be the place of choice to locate your business
• Our 3 towns to be thriving hubs for their communities
• To support our businesses to succeed and grow
• A strong rural business economy
• A vibrant and modern Ormskirk market that attracts visitors to the town centre

We will:

• Support the recovery and growth of existing and new businesses
• Lead the regeneration of Skelmersdale Town Centre
• Develop the market offer and reinvigorate Ormskirk’s Eastern gateway
• Adopt an inclusive procurement approach which supports local businesses to tender for opportunities
• Promote West Lancashire as a place to invest through the Skelmersdale Place Board & Ambassadors
• Signpost and support businesses to innovate and diversify
• Develop a strong web presence which positively promotes West Lancashire
• Create enlivened town centres offering diverse leisure opportunities and night time economy

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NB Ormskirk Eastern Gateway Project and Use of S106 funds on the Edge Hill Cycle Link (To seek endorsement of proposals for improvements at the eastern gateway of Ormskirk Town Centre and approval of S106 monies related to the Edge Hill Cycle link) the use of £103,860 of S106 monies from planning permission 2009/1052/FUL on the improved provision for cycling and walking access between Ormskirk town centre and Edge Hill University on Ruff Lane and St Helens Road and the junction of these roads with Park Road as outlined in the report, be approved.

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