Saturday Satire “What Our Government Won’t Do Our Council Won’t Do”

We now know WLBC hasn’t got any intention of helping to fill the half term hunger gap of some children who need temporary support to be fed by use of its “un-useable” reserves.

To paraphrase Rosie Cooper “The old Conservative trait of knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing continues, with children being punished by this Government due to the pandemic” into “continues with 2,444 West Lancashire children not being supported and going hungry because the Labour Borough Council useable reserves cannot, or will not, be used to feed them”.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper had commented “I voted to support the Labour motion calling on Government to continue directly funding free school meals over the school holidays until Easter 2021.

“If passed, this would have meant over a million children including 2,444 here in West Lancashire being supported and not going hungry during the pandemic, a time where millions of families are feeling the strain of unemployment, furlough, reduced wages or reduced hours.

“To ensure that children continue to be nourished is the absolute least this Government could do, but sadly the Prime Minister and the Conservatives voted against feeding the children” which wasn’t quite true because there is direct funding if it’s used properly.

Over at QLocal Roger Blaxall published interesting news “From Love to Eat, Ormskirk ‘We are now offering free school meals in our Ormskirk cafe to any child that needs them over October half term? Together we can #endchildfoodpoverty.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lovetoeat.jpg

‘All our other cafes are in areas where the council are offering support through these challenging times, however not every child is this fortunate”.

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And at Skelmersdale Cafe “Oh wow I’ve just had a phone call off my boss who has asked me to get this out there, this half term we will also be offering a free children’s dinners/packed lunches for any family who have found themselves on hard times through this pandemic. Most of us have been there at one time or another wondering where our next meal is going to come from for our babies.

“So please if you need any help at all don’t be embarrassed come in and just ask for a child’s school meal no questions will be asked and we will gladly help you out. Or alternatively please ring us on 01695768726 and order over the phone and if we are in the area we will even deliver to you. I know a lot of people may feel embarrassed but please don’t be, there will be no judgements made, all we want to do is give people a helping hand if needed. You can also drop me an inbox if you are more comfortable doing it that way. Please don’t suffer we are all in this together”.

And that offer is posted on the Facebook of the Leader of West Lancashire Borough Council.
The moral of the story? Two small businesses paying business rates to WLBC in difficult times step in without hesitation to fund what WLBC won’t fund from unused business rates in reserve! And one of them highlights the difference between different councils, to the detriment of ours!

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