WLBC Council Plan, Our Vision

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West Lancashire together; the place of choice to live, work, visit and invest.

Create empowered, engaged and inclusive communities

We want:
• Healthy resilient and engaged communities that work together to improve the places they live and work
• Everyone to have the same opportunities
• Thriving voluntary and community groups that support innovation and collaboration
• To work with partners for the good of local people
• Our citizens to access the benefits of being digitally engaged
• Councillors that are active and knowledgeable and support change at a local level
• To improve customer satisfaction

We will:
• Build on and develop strengths within local communities
• Engage with communities when making key decisions
• Use community networks to gain views from hard to reach groups
• Create innovative ways to listen to different community views
• Use Councillors’ existing reach and influence to provide community feedback to shape decision making
• Work with partners to develop a meaningful offer to support citizens to become digitally included
• Adopt a best practice model of consultation
• Listen and provide feedback to customers about how their views have improved services
• Develop neighbourhood plans with key partnerships committed to meeting the needs of our communities.

These partners for the good of local people? Are they LCC, United Utilities, Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, Network Rail, land developers? Will residents homes still be flooded? These active and knowledgeable councillors, will they still be allowed to absent themselves for six months and receive legal support to stay and be paid? Or leave to live and work in London while being paid? With empowerment, can we sack them?

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