Don’t Do As We Do, Do As We Say

If you were dreaming you might read that “West Lancashire Borough Labour Council is considering options to support a backdated challenge to itself over the Tory Council’s 2011 approval for the landfill at Beacon Park Golf Course”. And you might ask “When did Labour councillors turn up to photo shoots at Beacon Park Golf Course?”

The application for the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill development was approved by West Lancashire’s Planning Officers after a deal was agreed between Leisure Officers and rogue companies promised the benefits from royalties while destroying the value and beauty of the popular golf course.

Prior to the BPGC application being heard, the Tory West Lancashire Borough Council never submitted formal comments or objections to the application. And in our dream “But now we have the Parbold landfill outrage and it’s concentrated our minds on our past history. Just think, we might be seen as hypocrites”.

In Parbold “The Council’s cabinet has agreed to consider what options are available to work alongside campaign groups and residents to examine the approval, and whether there were any flaws in the process or withholding or misinterpretation of information presented”. In Beacon Park Golf Course “The Council’s cabinet has agreed nothing other than to deny the existence of a problem”.

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Portfolio Holders for Planning and Communities and Community Safety said “At every stage of the process we have worked with officers and councillors at West Lancashire Borough Council in putting forward our strong objections to the planning application for Parbold Hill Landfill. We share the frustration and anger of residents across West Lancashire at the disregard shown to this Lancashire beauty spot and the hundreds and hundreds of resident objections”.

“West Lancashire cannot be and must not be seen as the dumping ground of the North West. We have already had Whitemoss expanded and extended despite strong local objection, and here we see it again. Working with local campaigners, we will now consider how we can support any legal challenge and what grounds there may be. We fought hard against Whitemoss and we must do the same for Parbold Hill and protect West Lancashire from this destruction”.

What is this really all about? Parbold Hill is rather better known than Elmers Green Lane. Labour has apparently identified “the frustration and anger of residents across West Lancashire for Parbold Hill” while Labour has never identified “the frustration and anger of residents across West Lancashire for Beacon Park Golf Course”. It just discriminates against its senior golf clubbers.

It’s not a dream it’s a nightmare. Because it’s the Tory County Council that’s screwing Parbold Hill and it’s the Labour Borough Council that’s kept on screwing the Beacon Park Golf Course relentlessly since 2015 without intervention against the rogue developers.
You’ve got to wonder why?

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