The Astonishing Hypocrisy Of The WLBC Landfill Objectors

It’s reported that West Lancashire Borough Council may support attempts to overturn the controversial decision to allow landfill works which will block views across Parbold Hill. This is the same WLBC that allowed unlimited and unlawful landfill for vast private profits by Serco et al at the council owned Beacon Park Golf Course!

Apparently WLBC was among multiple local authorities to formally oppose the plan but Lancashire County Council’s Development Control Committee last week approved it by a vote of six to five.

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“West Lancashire Borough Council’s cabinet has agreed to consider what options are available to work alongside campaign groups and residents to examine the approval, and whether there were any flaws in the process or withholding or misinterpretation of information presented.

In a joint statement, portfolio holders Cllr Dave Evans (planning) and Cllr Gareth Dowling (communities and community safety) said “At every stage of the process we have worked with officers and councillors at West Lancashire Borough Council in putting forward our objections to the planning application for Parbold Hill Landfill.

“We share the frustration and anger of residents across West Lancashire at the disregard shown to this Lancashire beauty spot and the hundreds and hundreds of resident objections. West Lancashire cannot be and must not be seen as the dumping ground of the North West.

“We have already had Whitemoss expanded and extended despite local objection, and here we see it again. Working with campaigners, we will now consider how we can support any legal challenge and what grounds there may be. We fought hard against Whitemoss and we must do the same for Parbold Hill and protect West Lancashire from this destruction”.

How is that for political grandstanding! We didn’t notice any support for legal challenges against the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill. In fact the opposite, what WLBC calls “regularisation” of breached planning consents, has now become official policy.

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Let’s face it, when a WLBC leisure facility enjoyed by a huge golf club of elderly, senior, golfers is ruined, there hasn’t been a murmur of support for them nor a voice of dissent from this council. That it created wealth for the developers, Serco Leisure Operating Limited, Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, corrupt companies approved by WLBC officers without simple company checks for taxes and VAT corruption, tells us all how much this WLBC really cares.

This claim that “West Lancashire cannot be and must not be seen as the dumping ground of the North West” is bullshit! Just take a walk over to the Beacon Park Golf Course and see what a 2011 planning consent has created and not finished in 2020 as THE dumping ground of the north west! Wasn’t the Beacon Park Golf Course a beauty spot?

And while you are there look for any of the once vibrant senior golf club membership. You won’t see many, if any. You’ll have to go out of the borough to the Berrington Hall Golf Club in Rainford to find them. That’s what the Beacon Park landfill fraud and corruption did while the political deadbeats did their “see nowt, hear nowt, say nowt”, act.

NB It’s now reported that “The Development Control Committee passed this application, made up of Councillors from Lancaster, Fleetwood, Rossendale, Cleveleys, Fylde, Preston, Accrington and Morecambe. Do they know anything of our area? Not one Councillor on this Committee represents an area south of Preston and yet are responsible for decisions on waste management in this area!

 Voted for the landfill – Cllr Yates; Cllr Clarke; Cllr Eaton; Cllr Kay; Cllr Rigby; Cllr Towneley;  Abstained – Cllr Foxcroft;  Voted against the landfill – Cllr Crompton; Cllr Dad; Cllr Ellard; Cllr Hayhurst: Cllr Patterson.

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