Sacrificing Sam?

According to the Wally led West Lancashire Conservatives website “Cllr Sam Currie, Aughton and Downholland Ward and Association Press Officer. Sam Currie is a Conservative Councillor in Aughton and Downholland. He was elected in May 2016. He lives in Haskayne”.

But he doesn’t live in Haskayne, he lives in London. Being an estate agent is apparently better thought of there. He handed in his notice and buggered off, far far away from those he should serve.

But fate and Covid-19 intervened, there could be no bye-elections, virtual meetings came in, a Labour member was rescued by some jiggery pokery, and we ended up being wangled into a status quo. And he did own a Haskayne property.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is strike2.jpg

Of course there had to be an embuggerance, there always is, and it has surfaced. He’s sold his Haskayne home subject to contract. An eagle eyed resident sent us a picture of the sign. What can’t speak can’t lie. Within weeks he won’t own or live in a West Lancashire Borough property. Will jiggery pokey resurface to save this Tory seat?

Or will Sam be legally stuffed and sacrificed with no other “you scratch my Tory back and I’ll scratch your Labour back” deal in the offing?
Will it be one down and seventeen to go in the much discussed but inactive policy of cutting the bloated WLBC by one third of its elected members?

Yes please!

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