Looking After The Local Government Elite

Readers might think the Local Government/WLBC elite employees are extremely well cared for? Well, it seems their union thinks not!

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Lawyers in Local Government (LLG) was formed in April 2013 by the merger of the Association of Council Secretaries and Solicitors (ACSeS) and Solicitors in Local Government (SLG). LLG’s primary purpose is to represent, promote and support the interests of its members.

Membership is open to local government legal or governance officers working within a local authority, including Monitoring Officers and their deputies, solicitors, barristers, legal executives, licenced conveyancers, and trainees. The elite!

But now, the Exit Payment Cap, by which reductions of the benefits paid to long serving local government officers in the event they’re made redundant, is upon them. And, wouldn’t you just know it, the LLG is claiming that “Given the increased likelihood of redundancy in the sector the timing of this seems particularly pernicious. However, the concerns about the regs are wider than their unfairness and extend to their lawfulness both in the procedural and substantive sense”

“Given the level of these concerns and LLG’s interest in good governance in public bodies we have sought the advice of Nigel Giffin QC whom many of you will know as one of the leading Public Law QC’s currently practising. Earlier this week I met with Nigel and he set out his initial views as to the lawfulness of the exit regulations and the draft pension regulations which have been issued by MHCLG. Nigel identified a number of procedural and substantive flaws which led him to conclude that there was a strong argument that they were unlawful.

“We have today issued a pre-action protocol letter to HM Treasury the content of which highlights the significant legal flaws in the proposed regulations and the process via which they have been brought thus far. I note that a number of other bodies including the BMA, GMB and Unison have issued pre-action letters and we are liaising with them in the interests of mutually beneficial collaboration.

“Naturally, our preference is to resolve this matter without resorting to formal legal action and such a step would not be taken without full and careful consideration by the LLG Board. I will update members via the blog as and when there are further developments, but in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact LLG if you have any questions.

But here is the killer! “The President said he also noted that a number of other bodies including the BMA, GMB and Unison had issued pre-action letters, adding that LLG was liaising with them “in the interests of mutually beneficial collaboration”.
Group pressure coming?

We suspect it’s rather more a case of mutually beneficial greed, to the mutually detrimental case of council tax payers? The Golden Triangle…seems appropriate for the class they represent?

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