Smelling Serco Five Years Ago

10 Sep 2015, email to a WLBC Councillor “Unfortunately things are not at all pleasant at Beacon Golf Club. I’ve been there and taken and published many pictures and spoken to members. I noticed a bad smell coming from the land fill and others have spoken to me about it. A member was approached about the smell from the landfill on the new so called 9 holer. He was told by a Mr &Mrs ********** and a Mrs ***** who both have properties on Beacon Lane that they “said they have been on to WLCC about the awful smell coming from the landfill on the course” which is one of things I and he were talking about on Saturday.

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“The member I am in touch with said “I was in a mixed team event on Sunday at the Beacon. In the club house there was only one member of staff on duty who was a 22 year old barmaid who had to open up on her own at 6/30am, go out on the course collecting monies off golfers for green fees that were already playing, come back and serve tea and coffee and cook food, take more green fees, and get buggies out for golfers. People were complaining they had ordered buggies and there was none. This young lady was on her own yet she had to look after the bar, then cooking as required for three golf societies plus the public. He said “We all felt for that poor girl and a couple of members lent a hand. Surely that must be against all health & safety rules. I did phone K**** T****** and left a message saying what was going on”.

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“He tells me “Still no plans or details of changes to club house and work has started on outside where you took photos on Saturday and on the inside now. Still no mention of drainage or sprinkler system on the new 9 hole golf course. Wagons are still arriving and tipping. Lots of seagulls on the landfill which indicates it is landfill and they are attacking the green on the course”.

“I think it best if you can follow up on the smell complaint urgently in view of the problem facing local residents, and I am available to meet you with Mr T** J****** and Mr T**** H***, one a past captain the other the captain elect for next year. It was Mr J****** who informed me about the recent situation described above. How on earth this situation can be beneficial to WLBC is beyond belief, and is indicative of how the previous council administration has ignored the asset”.

Imagine it, September five years ago, three Golf Societies coming to play a mixed team event at the Beacon Park Golf Course, yet now, October 2020, the Beacon Park Golf Club Seniors are dissolving their club. Thanks a bunch Serco and WLBC!

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