Should WLBC Lead By Example?

A week ago there was a motion to WLBC.

Housing Evictions – Motion Included on the Agenda by Councillor Nicola Pryce Roberts

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“The COVID-19 crisis has hit many in our communities disproportionately hard. The ban on eviction was due to end on 23rd August but was extended by four weeks. Those most at risk of eviction are people who have lost their jobs and income and now face the threat of losing their rented homes due to rent arrears.

“Citizens advice estimates that 4 million people have fallen behind with rent, council tax or telecoms payments. The housing charity Shelter advise that 322,000 private renters have fallen into areas since the public health crisis began with 174,000 already having been threatened with eviction by landlords or letting agents.

“The District Councils’ Network warns that in total almost half a million – who spend over half their income on rent – could now be at risk of eviction. This includes 108,000 lone parents with children living with them and 100,000 young people aged between 16-24.

“This council calls on the government to act, without delay, and extend the ban on eviction until Spring 2021 whilst simultaneously working on a scheme that would enable those with rent arrears to stay in their homes beyond that date

Shouldn’t WLBC state, categorically, that it will use however much of its useable reserves of circa £25million is needed so as to ensure no WLBC tenant would be evicted during the Covid-19 crisis?

Actions speak louder than words. So does setting an example!
Give peace of mind, it’s public money!

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