Serco Soames v Peston

“Serco is only delivering a contact tracing rate 68.1% and SAGE has said we need a contact tracing rate of 80%”.

Dr Allin-Khan tells Serco CEO Rupert Soames that track and trace should be in the hands of local communities as they have a higher rate of success rate.

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He claims her criticism is based on “Fake data” and “For every £96 of cost, of effort we do for the government, there is 4% [profit]”.

Soames responds to Peston telling him that the public are upset and angered by the idea that private firms can make money from services provided during a time of national crisis “We get to over 80%, we get to 89%”.

Soames tells Peston that recent figures showing his company are falling way below the government’s target for tracing contacts are incorrect and fail to account for an important group of people excluded from the calculations.

Comments “Steve Edwards I certainly wouldn’t buy a used car off that fella”. And “Terry Tez Dourley What a load of bollocks”.

Amen to that!

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