Educating LCC, WLBC, Network Rail, And United Utilities

Readers of a certain age like me will remember the BBC producing “Educating Archie” programmes, which seems to be a good place to start another “How to avoid being flooded despite LCC, WLBC, NR, and UU”.

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Because “Archie” was a dummy, hence the connections to our public services.

Our informant suggests that since the last flood at his home, the backlog of jobs has just been piling up and he has not been able to focus on just what information he could send to LCC. So he thinks it will be better to split it up into different issues. It will contain information which the LLFA should act on, some information they may be able to act on and some which is solely for information to help to build up a picture of the issues here.

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“Problems start as far afield as the Pumping Station at Crossens. It is unclear as to whether the Environment Agency could have taken more decisive action prior to recent flooding events to make capacity in the System.

“My neighbour tells me he saw all the watercourses in Scarisbrick full to the top on the weekend prior to the flood. Obtaining information from the EA about records of pumping levels has been difficult, they have indicated there are 2 levels, Summer and Winter. Getting anything more than this from them has been challenging. Could, or should they have increased pumping levels prior to this last event?

“There is a political aspect to this, and my own belief, NOT backed up by hard evidence, is that because funding is an issue, they have been gradually running the maintenance down to the point of failure in order to force local councils to set up Internal Drainage Boards. They have succeeded in the first part of the plan, ie causing the system to fail.

“I do not know what enquiries you are able to make in order for you to build up an accurate picture for your own knowledge. I hardly expect you are in a position to come down hard on them as they are likely to ignore you just as successfully as they ignore me.

“United Utilities Waste Water Treatment Site is still an issue as regards Boathouse Sluice and the Estate Watercourse, which have not been maintained for 30 years, allegedly. A previous request to LLFA was not responded to.

Is it any wonder Burscough has become notorious for flooding. This is part of Burscough’s Main Drainage System at Boathouse Sluice. It is Designated as a ‘Main River’. Yes, just to confirm, what you are looking at is supposed to be a River which drains Burscough, and yet, you can’t even see it because it is so over grown and neglected by the Authorities. They (Flood Risk Management Authorities), have all been told about this problem several times in recent years, yet they refuse to maintain it.

It’s what dummies do!

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