Shocking New Local Coronavirus Statistics

Using Covid-19 test data from Public Health England, cases of the virus have been mapped using hyper local areas to document infection rates on a local level.

Almost three dozen neighbourhood areas in Lancashire have coronavirus infection rates that are higher than 500, with one area topping 1,300 new cases per 100,000 people. Seven West Lancashire areas are included.

A new data map created by central government using “Middle layer Super Output Areas” found hyper local areas with an average population of 7,200 people.

The seven neighbourhood areas in West Lancashire with the worst coronavirus infection rates in the week to October 14, new cases per 100,000 were
Ormskirk Town & East (West Lancashire) – 840.0 (78 new cases)
Bickerstaffe & Newburgh (West Lancashire) – 731.6 (48 new cases)
Up Holland (West Lancashire) – 687.9 (52 new cases)
Skelmersdale Ashurst (West Lancashire) – 626.0 (37 new cases)
Aughton (West Lancashire) – 586.3 (47 new cases)
Ormskirk North & West (West Lancashire) – 540.8 (45 new cases)
Skelmersdale East (West Lancashire) – 527.2 (35 new cases)

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