More Landfill, More Loss Of Amenity, No Accountability?

Landfill is a dirty word in West Lancashire, at least among senior golfers with the stench of the ruination of the Beacon Park Golf Course while various parties to it filled their pockets from the fees and the none accountability of the VAT due. Contracted to VAT fraudsters from DCT Ltd and Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd, at a combined loss to HMRC of £160,000 even before the Beacon Park landfill scandal started.

So it comes as no surprise that a West Lancashire beauty spot will ‘lose views’ because of landfill work. Some of the views from a West Lancashire beauty spot are set to be lost after the go-ahead was given to raise the height of a former landfill site.

They call it “reprofiling” of the Parbold Hill Quarry, designed to prevent contaminated water “leaching” through buried household and commercial waste and potentially polluting groundwater. It was called “redevelopment” at the Beacon Park Golf Course, to provide anything but golf activity. Foot golf, to be played at 80 feet above ground level!

Around 200,000 tonnes of inert material and clays will be imported into the site over a period of 18 months, with the area fully restored within two years. Principal planning officer Jonathan Haine accepted that the loss of the outlook would be something that the committee had to “weigh in the balance”. Perhaps he isn’t losing any outlook from his home?

Several Conservative and Labour members said that party politics should be kept out of the committee’s deliberations. Is that what happened at the ruined Beacon Park Golf Course?

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Our West Lancashire suggests “The party whips should have no place on planning yet EVERY Conservative (bar one abstention) voted to approve the landfill at Parbold Hill and every Labour councillor voted against. This viewpoint will now be lost on a 6-5 vote down party lines after the decision of Lancashire’s Development Control Committee this morning”.

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Independent councillor Paul Hayhurst, who seconded the unsuccessful motion against this destruction, said it best “Having been there [to Parbold] I found it very impressive and the wonderful viewpoint and it really opened my eyes to what we would be doing by passing this.” He added that some 80% of the view would be lost.

Councillors should not be whipped and should make up their own minds. If you feel the same, get involved with Our West Lancashire, maybe even stand for election. We will support good calibre local residents who want to represent their area and make sure “whipped” votes like the one this morning don’t continue to inflict damage on our towns and villages.

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