Golfer Rates A Round At Serco Course Worth 50p

2020 comments at the Serco Leisure Facebook for the Beacon Park Golf Club

Alan Prescott “Greens in absolute shocking condition . Grass just off fairways too long, so many of us lost balls that were just a few feet wide as grass just swallows them up, will not go back until course is fit for purpose”.

James Norris “Out of interest, what’s the deal with the 1st and 18th holes, have they been shortened?”

John Carroll “James Norris old 1st hole is a construction site but nothing is happening. “The new 1st tee is the old 2nd tee. The old 18th now has a 17th an 18th on it”.

Tony Greenall “Absolute dump, avoid at all costs, we paid £12, which makes it about £11.50 overpriced !!!#buildingsite”

Alan Mahoney “Don’t look after it, fairways are not fairways, rough”.

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