Serco Ripping Off The Public? Surely Not!

In Parliament. Richard Burgon Labour, Leeds East

Richard Burgon Labour, Leeds East

 Serco is at the heart of an outsourced tracing system that is failing to contact one third of all the close contacts of those with coronavirus. That is clearly helping the virus to spread out of control. There is widespread public concern that the Government are in hock to giant outsourcing companies, and concern that Serco and the like are not just ripping off the public but putting lives in danger. Does the Secretary of State think that the public should be reassured or worried by the fact that Serco’s former chief spin doctor is now his Minister for Health?

Matthew Hancock Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

I do not think the hon. Gentleman was listening. I pointed out just previously not only that the national system in the last week has more than doubled the number of contacts that it has reached—I pay tribute to it for that—but that it is teamwork between the national and local systems that works best. It is the combination of the large-scale private organisations and the public sector—people working together—that is able to deliver, and to deliver a better service. I will tell him this: there was a time in the last few days when we had requests from local systems to bring some of the contact tracing back into the national Serco system so that it could help to reach more people. That sort of teamwork is what I look for, instead of the negative, derisory, divisive approach of the hon. Gentleman up there.

Imaginary Response from Rosie Cooper, MP for the Beacon Park Golf Course Senior Members!

I do not think the Honourable Secretary of State for Health and Social Care knows his arse from his elbow when he mentions Serco and teamwork in the same breath. 8 years of Serco involvement as managers of the Beacon Park Golf Course have been a disaster. Excess landfill, missing £millions of royalties, no VAT accounted for, and now so badly managed the course is maintained by my borough green-keepers and a vague hint of help from other, better run, local courses. Now this is what I call Serco. Negative, derisory, and divisive, from up here! And far from reaching more people, my Senior golfing constituents are leaving in droves to play their golf on real golf courses.

So just who is doing the ripping off of the public? And while he is helping me to stop scousers from invading Ormskirk perhaps he might find the time to come to the Beacon Park Golf Course to see what level of social care my Senior golfers receive there?

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