In Murky Waters, Another Serco?

PPE Medpro was incorporated in May this year with a share capital of £100 . It has won, without tender, a £110,000,000 contract to supply PPE to the NHS. “The government is being run by a bunch of corrupt Tories who award contracts to pals, paying them millions in tax payers money” is a claim published today.

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Boris Johnson’s Government awarded a whopping £122 million contract for the supply of gowns to a company that had only been in existence for one month, Byline Times revealed.

New documents show that the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) granted the multi-million-pound contract to PPE Medpro Limited on 25 June, just 44 days after the firm had been incorporated.

The company’s website claims that it is “a specialist manufacturer of personal protective equipment”. However, its founding directors appear to have experience in other fields.

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The firm was set up by Anthony Page and Voirrey Coole, both of whom work in fiduciary services, private trust and wealth management. Both Page and Coole work for Knox House Trust, a corporate wealth and investment management firm that is based on the Isle of Man, which is considered to be an offshore tax haven.

Yet, even despite mounting controversy, the Government has remained intransigent to scrutiny. Questions lodged by several MPs have been ignored, while the Government spent multiple hours in the House of Commons yesterday stubbornly defending its decision to outsource the country’s Test and Trace system to outsourcing giant Serco”.

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