Scousers, Keep Out Of West Lancashire!

Liverpool born Rosie Cooper MP has today vented her spleen on the possibility of hoards of scousers descending on Ormskirk as Liverpool play Everton and super cornavirus spreaders may travel from Liverpool City Region (Tier 3 restrictions), to West Lancashire which is in Tier 2, to booze in our pubs and watch the match here.

Rosie is concerned by some social media activity indicating Ormskirk could see high numbers of residents arriving from Liverpool with a view to watching the Everton versus Liverpool match on Saturday.

She had a poor start to her day, as she was missing from the parliamentary link into the Commons. But in a “just in time” moment Mr Speaker called her last of all, and she claimed “It became clear very quickly that as with many decisions being made by Government, they hadn’t thought about or planned for the mass movement of people between areas with different levels of restrictions”.

Mr Hancock replied “The principle behind the levels is that if you are resident in an area that is in a very high local Covid alert level then that level applies to you wherever you are. If you live in a lower alert level and you travel to a higher alert level area then the rules of the higher level apply if that is where you are.

“So people who live in the Liverpool City Region should not be travelling to West Lancashire because the pubs are open there – that contravenes the regulations and I look forward to working with (Ms Cooper) to try to ensure that that doesn’t happen”.

Picture it now, if you will, as Rosie and Matt stand at the Ormskirk station turning back the hoards of red and blue clad scousers! No, me neither!

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