Burscough Town Council Supports Flooded Residents

In a remarkable show of support for its residents, the Burscough Town Council agreed to put some of its CIL funds into helping its flooded community.

The Burscough Residents Flooding Group wrote “Last evening in what seemed like a historic moment Burscough Town Council passed an amendment “To discuss the situation on Crabtree Lane as regards flooding and consider a proposal for a scheme to alleviate the flooding situation to be funded from Council Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds.”

“The planned work, will start as soon as weather conditions permit and be overseen by Burscough Flooding Group and BTC. It will see the installation of two storm drains to protect seven homes from flooding, where the increasing frequency and severity of flooding has made normal life impossible.

“At the same time BTC will seek reimbursement for the work from the responsible Flood Risk Management Authorities, which are West Lancashire Borough Council, Lancashire County Council and United Utilities”.

It’s an object lesson in use of funds for the benefit of communities that are hit with big housing developments without matching infrastructure.

The Flooding Group also paid tribute to the local farmers. As they stated “None of this would have been possible without the help and co-operation of the Wilson family who are the local farmers, particularly William and Edward who have given up their time and expertise freely”.

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