Your Essential Guide To Flooding

From the Burscough Residents Flooding Group. Contacts in the event of Flooding.

In the event of flooding due to a blocked or surcharging foul or surface water sewer or surcharging highway drain, [as in the picture below] always contact United Utilities (UU) 0345 672 2888. Ensure UU investigate, tell you the cause and record it. You are entitled to minor financial compensation and cleaning every time the flood is onto/into your property.

In the event of flooding from the highway which isn’t caused by surcharging, or flooding from a minor river or watercourse contact LCC Highways 0300 123 6701. If flooding is clearly due to a deficiency in the highways drainage system, collect evidence and consider taking LCC to small claims court, it can be successful.

In the event of flooding from the Ellerbrook or the Boathouse Sluice contact the Environment Agency (EA) General 03708 506 506; Flood line 24hr 0345 988 1188

Do not contact WLBC because they cannot provide physical help. They do not keep records of flooding events. They will not pass on information about your flood to other authorities. They do not have live phones out of hours even during major floods!

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