A Comedy Of Errors, Or The Greed Of Comedians?

Not that the state of the Beacon Park Golf Course is a comedy but more a tragedy. Sometimes you wonder about your sanity, or the sanity of those who work for we council tax payers. You, we, are expected to believe that an underground water pipe that passes under a small part of a golf course affects the surface of that golf course. It’s been there since time immemorial, and since the “offending” underground water pipe wasn’t a problem by April 1992, when said golf course, the Beacon Park Golf Course, opened to the public, it might be concluded it isn’t, wasn’t, a problem in 2018.

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Except it was, suddenly in 2019, conveniently, a reason to delay the completion of the requirement of a no right of appeal enforcement order against Serco Leisure Operating Limited, which has nobody but itself to blame, unless you include WLBC and Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, for being guilty as charged. For which said Serco then needed friends in high places in the West Lancashire borough Council. How else could it escape the consequences of its conviction?

Serco was charged, in May 2018, under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended, because despite what was later, October 2018, described as “The Construction Management Plan is in connection with the remodelling of the driving range at Beacon Park Golf Centre to create a Foot Golf course; remodelling of 1st hole green; creation of mounding and re-profiling of ground adjacent to 1st fairway; remodelling of ground between 1st and 18th holes; and associated landscaping works. The previous land fill and profiling works circa 2015, resulted in ground finished levels that exceeded those permitted within planning consents and consequentially this application seeks to remedy this position by undertaking further works to these areas” there was no mention of any underground water pipe by any planner or any developer!

The simple fact is that if Serco/Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd/WLBC officers had abided by 2011/0051/SCR | Screening Opinion – Improvements to golf and country club including remodelling of 5th, 6th, 13th and 14th holes and formation of junior academy practice course, the underground pipe would be happily undisturbed.

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Nine years of local government and privatised greed, opportunism, and bullshit has left the Beacon Park Golf Course where it is today, a ruined eyesore.

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