West Lancashire Tax Payers Scammed By Our Own Council?

Is it pertinent to ask, if Serco is now relying on WLBC staff to maintain the Beacon Park Golf Course, why the Beacon Park Golf Course is still in the hands of Serco?

We own it…let’s not be shy about it, we taxpayers own the Serco leisure contract. To be technical about it, Serco is in breach of its contract with WLBC. A priori the contract, deducing what is self-evident, the simple fact is we, the council tax payers of West Lancashire, are the victims of a major landfill scam, perpetrated by Serco on a still seduced and willing Labour council.

Why? In July 2016, Labour Cllr Aldridge, now the Borough Mayor,

proclaimed that “On behalf of the Labour Group”, it was “Resolved; that this council recognises the difficulties facing the Beacon Park Golf Club and its members during the course developments and congratulates them on their success in winning the South Lancashire Municipal Golf Clubs Association Team Championship held at Bowring Park Golf Course. Eight teams of fourteen players each competed for the trophy which can be seen at the Beacon Park Golf Clubhouse. It is a splendid success for Captain Tom Jackson, for his team, and for West Lancashire”.

Some-time later they were shamefully expelled from competitive golf because the same hypocrites, WLBC, Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, and Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd between them had ruined the course. So much for pride in Senior golf in West Lancashire by 2020!

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