Is It Any Wonder Burscough Has Become Notorious For Flooding?

This, in the video below, is part of Burscough’s Main Drainage System at Boathouse Sluice. It is designated as a ‘Main River’. Yes, just to confirm, what you are looking at is supposed to be a river which drains Burscough, and yet, you can’t even see it!

But why should you? What do you expect for your annual water charges? You can’t have the fat UU cats actually carrying out the monopoly duty they should perform! Ofwat states “All monopoly water-only and water and wastewater companies in England and Wales are delivering the levels of service (‘outcomes) that their customers expect of them during 2015-20. Companies developed these outcomes by speaking with and listening to their customers. And we challenged and set companies’ service levels, along with their prices and investment plans, in 2014”.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ofwatlog.jpg

This IS 2020, isn’t it? You do know that for most companies, rewards and penalties for “outcome delivery incentives” in the period 2015-20 will apply in bills from 2020 onwards? Just more floods and more crap!

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