Wally Writes

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“Hullo, it’s me again. Did you know I’ve been a councillor since 2nd May 2002? I know, it only seems like yesterday, and in 2004 I did something truly momentous. I agreed to pay Serco a contingency sum of up to £610,000 under an “Authority to Proceed”, which we had decided to do anyway because Serco have been identified as the Council’s preferred partners for the operation of the Council’s leisure facilities.

“By Serco taking on the operation of the Council’s leisure facilities “an enhanced service” will be provided to the local community and with a 15 year contract period the position will be sustainable.

“Of course, the modern Serco isn’t the one we contracted with. You could hardly call the Beacon Park Golf Course today an enhanced service, could you? Enhanced landfill, very good! Enhanced rubbish? Equally good. But not like where I play my golf, naturally.

“Did you know I’m also on the Flooding & Drainage Cabinet Working Group? We consider how a wider, more co-ordinated approach to managing flooding and drainage across the whole Borough could be achieved. We liaise with the Environment Agency, Lancashire County Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority, United Utilities, neighbouring Local Authorities, and any other relevant bodies on the issue of flooding and drainage. We investigate any opportunities for relevant funding from appropriate bodies. And we report back to the relevant Portfolio Holder and Cabinet and, where appropriate, future meetings of Full Council with our findings and recommendations.

“But I want you to know the Burscough floods and the railway line collapse are nothing to do with me. There’s no evidence for that, as no Flooding & Drainage Cabinet Working Group meetings are available for browsing. Thank goodness!

And so, back to my lock-down, in Halsall Towers. My handicap remains my local Tory party. But I remember the Council Leader saying “I agree with David”. It brought a flush to my face!

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