Widespread Flooding Occurred In Burscough

From Burscough Flooding Group. More is expected. Flooding in Burscough isn’t limited to Crabtree Lane. It’s because of “The size and extend of the flooding was due to the lack of capacity (hydraulic inadequacy) in our drainage network. Whether that be inadequately sized sewers in the built up areas or inadequately sized ditches and culverts in the rural areas.

“If you witness water coming out of a drain or manhole cover and flowing onto your property then that is a clear indication of flooding caused by hydraulic inadequacy. You need to ring United Utilities on 0345 672 3723 to report it and ask them to investigate. If they are bombarded, all the better!

“UU should refund you part of your water bill every time they cause a flood onto your property or into your home.

“UU have to tell you the cause and log the cause and if it’s their fault then they should also be able to tell you whether it was caused by hydraulic inadequacy or a blockage. If it’s not their fault then UU will tell be able to tell you who to contact instead. Don’t be fobbed off by UU.

“The more people ring and report floods and get them investigated and recorded by UU, then the more floods on record and the more likely the regulator will be to make UU install additional drains.

“If you have been flooded please email us. BFG won’t share any details which would enable you or your property to be identified. BFG@fullstopltd.co.uk

Pictures from Burscough Flooding Group.

You don’t have to put up with this. Authorities think you do. Fight them. Publish every single event that shows your community being flooded. Shame them. And one day, you will beat them!

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