What Went Wrong In Stonehaven Could Lead To Rail Disaster In Burscough

How significant is the latest video from Burscough?


Bernie Webster infers “It is of great importance as this may well be a demonstration of the effect which is caused by a build up of water on one side of the railway only. If the water cannot get through the culverts, it will make its way through the banking. Because the railway is built on sand it will take sand with it as it passes from the flooded side to the empty side eventually causing erosion and a threat to the stability of the railway Line.

“Conversations with Network Rail staff on Friday and today indicate that they are focussed on their riparian responsibilities. I have heard very little back which gives me any cause to believe they have any intention of improving matters here with any upgrade. In the long term, it may well prove that this would be short sighted. It is unlikely that the burden on the system will be reduced in the future, and if flood water is to accumulate as it does now on one side, then I think it is inevitable that further failures of the structure will follow”.

The threat is too great to remain in the hands of incompetents. It really is time for this to be dealt with where decisions that guarantee no lives are at risk are made.
It’s time for Rosie Cooper MP to take this appalling situation to the Secretary of State for Transport. Will she? Hopefully before it’s too late!

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