Are You Sitting Comfortably? Then We’ll Begin To Make You Feel Uncomfortable!

The incompetence of Network Rail is laid bare in Burscough as we have shown! Your lives are in their hands? Heaven help you! What you are about to see is the devastation, again, of a home. It is caused by the incompetence of bullshitting “Jobsworths”. All of them!

They sit behind their NR, EA, UU, LCC, and WLBC desks, draw fat public salaries, and are incompetent. They don’t realise, or understand, the misery they cause, what they are responsible for.

We’ve been here before, time and again. They are serial incompetents. If that is a new concept of public service they live it without guilt or responsibility. Every time heavy rain falls, “Jobsworths’” will wake up to the reports and evidence of their failings. It might never occur to them what they did to residents of Burscough, especially Crabtree Lane. But the residents’ know. Here it is.

The filth of flooding!

And when the pump failed, there it is, every time! Inside!

And they know. It’s published. It’s not hidden. They know and do nothing. Well, they are paid by the taxes of the people who are flooded. Isn’t that the worst crime of all? Probably!

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