The Serco Leisure Trust Annual Report “Errors and Omissions Excepted”

The modern day merits of the Beacon Park Golf Course (BPGC) in 2020 are dire. As shown time and again, the ugly widely spread heaped landfill is a grim welcoming sight. It’s bad enough that members of the BPGC know of its corrupt history, as far ago as 2011 when DCT Leisure Ltd declared it as an unviable business even when it wasn’t paying its £ 60+k VAT to HMRC that caused its dissolution.

And it’s even worse that Serco/Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd partnered the landfill royalty scandal. What a corrupt business marriage that turned out to be with the Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd director whose own previous company history also involved VAT fraud, circa £100k, while being granted planning permission by the “virtuous West Lancashire Bullshitting Council”.

But when the Serco Project Manager referenced Haigh Hall Golf Course during the Leisure Trust Annual Report it could hardly have been a worst example, a comparison of the awful BPGC and the superb municipal managed Haigh Hall Golf Club.

For the uninitiated, Haigh Hall Golf Club is an England Golf registered golf club that plays on the 18 hole Balcarres course, a public course managed by Wigan Council, and located in Haigh Woodland Park.

Membership of the club is open to men and women of all ages and abilities. The course is challenging, but enjoyable, and is being constantly improved. Most of the club’s competitions are open to both men and women. We have reserved tee times on Saturdays and Sundays plus tee times on Wednesdays for the senior section of the club”.

Isn’t that the standard the West Lancashire Bullshitting Council should be setting for the fast diminishing seniors who were, once, the backbone of the Beacon Park Golf Course?

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