Which Water Company Wrote “No Amount Of Pollution Is Acceptable To Us”

No, not United Utilities, but Southern Water

having been issued with a formal warning by the Environment Agency (EA) after partially-treated sewage was discharged into the water at Chichester Harbour.
The EA stated “Southern Water is very aware of the seriousness with which we view the incident”. You may note Southern Water stated “While the impact to public health was very low, no amount of pollution is acceptable to us and we are working hard to reduce and eventually stop all incidents”.

Dr Ian Hendy, coastal marine ecologist, University of Portsmouth, and lead science advisor to the ‘Help Our Kelp’ project, said the release of sewage water would have “a significant impact to the many marine animals and wildlife in this highly protected area”.

Perhaps United Utilities and others involved in flooding and uncontrolled sewage discharges in Burscough, Aughton and Ormskirk might receive formal warnings and even prosecution if enough pressure is applied as in Chichester? Don’t residents of Crabtree Lane in Burscough suffer “a significant impact in their badly protected area”? It’s not kelp in Burscough it’s crap in homes!

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