Not Coming Our Way Soon?

Readers who are unaware that there is a WLBC litter bin policy may read the conclusion of the official ‘Litter Bin Policy’ review with interest.

A review of the ‘Litter Bin Policy’ was carried between 2018 and 2019. The work was undertaken by the Corporate and Environmental Overview and Scrutiny Committee and concluded in October 2019. Below is the bog standard litter bin.

“Apart from what seems to be routine replacement of litter bins depending on condition there was a policy to “Undertake a 4-6 week trial pilot of compaction bins in identified locations”. Below is a compaction bin.

“Trial of compaction bins would be in areas of high footfall such as town centres. Due to the reduction in footfall across town centres nationally and the closure of businesses within West Lancashire, discussions were undertaken with the contractor who advised that data gathered during the COVID-19 situation could not be relied upon to deliver meaningful comparisons to pre-COVID footfall and therefore the recommendation was made to postpone the trial until Spring 2021.

“Targeted educational campaigns will be delivered and embedded as business as usual with an annual calendar of engagement being produced by the Clean & Green Operations Manager who takes up the post in October 2020 and shared with Members”.

For the “costonomists” among us, these compaction bins might be solar powered and cost £4,400 each. They send alerts when they’re full. The old bins cost around £400 each and don’t send messages, they just overflow!

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