Nine Days Of Silence

“WLBC invited Burscough Flooding Group for a meeting and then organised it without us being there. Their competence shines through yet again”.

Have you seen these people?

They are wanted by the Burscough Flooding Group. They flit around promising meetings and then disappear up their own backsides. But we pay them!

“Well, the ongoing farce into WLBC’s handling of flooding continues. In an attempt to have the many unanswered questions finally answered by WLBC in a meeting, Burscough Flooding Group were proposing to meet with them in August. The finer detail needed to be agreed because WLBC, just like the Local Lead Flood Authority, are reluctant to have meetings voice recorded. The reason, my best guess is they just don’t want any evidence left for them to be held to account at a later date.

“A date for the meeting was to be arranged in the week commencing 10th August. At 2.00am on the 11th August, my home was subjected to yet another flood with filthy black muddy water filling my entire home to a depth of 6”. At 7.10 am I was live on Radio Lancashire to Graham Liver who was kind enough to give me some air time. I am advised WLBC were contacted for comment, and though they had little to say about my home being devastated once more, they did go on to defend their Planning and Development Policy at length.

“In the near 5 weeks since then, although an assistant has made contact, none of the Upper Echelon have deemed my situation serious enough to make personal contact or even acknowledge my home has been flooded. Too busy having Leave again. In view of the fact that other Residents had expressed concerns, it was unclear whether a meeting would now be with, Burscough Flooding Group, the Residents, or just myself and so I sought clarity;

“Firstly, could you tell me what is the meeting related to, is it as previously discussed, issues to be resolved with Burscough Flooding Group, is it related to problems in Crabtree Lane or is it for some other purpose. Whilst I will be working every day trying to put my home back in a habitable, clean and healthy place to live, resolving the flooding issues must take priority. I will make time for anyone who is genuinely prepared to move things forward and help the Residents here.”

So here is the answer, NONE OF US!!!
“Dear Mr Webster, I have now arranged a meeting involving Mr Ian Gill, representatives from Lancashire County Council as the lead local flood authority, and representatives from United Utilities to discuss flooding in Burscough, especially on Crabtree Lane. This meeting is taking place on Monday 14 September and Mr Gill will come back to you following this meeting to advise you of what was discussed and the proposed way forward. Kind regards”.

“So, it would appear that WLBC, United Utilities and Lancashire County Council have no need of any eye witness accounts, or any ideas from anyone else who has put in time and research into the problem, nor do they ask about what measures are already being taken, they learned all they need to know from the comfort of an office desk. The sad thing is, and believe me it is sad for all the Residents here, they intend to come to some conclusions without having made any attempt to gather all the relevant facts, just like they did with the Jacobs’ Report. Could it be, they are running scared of meeting an old age pensioner armed with the truth, some relevant facts and some difficult questions”.

You can make your own minds. Posted for Bernie Webster, flooded in Crabtree Lane!

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