Stunning Act Of Volunteering For The Burscough Community

In a quite stunning act of community spirit the man whose Burscough home was flooded and badly damaged some weeks ago has completed the job he started by clearing a public footpath of weeds.

He writes “Good news for ramblers and those who wish to walk from Burscough Bridge Railway Station through to Martin Mere, enjoying the peace and tranquility through one of a few relatively unspoiled locations left in Burscough”.

The full length of the footpath from the railway station was cut back today to complete the work by local man Bernie Webster who cleared most of the path last week. Ramblers and pedestrians can now walk the full length of this Public Right of Way without getting soaked by wet weeds or stung by nettles. You can see the yellow line drawn on the google map. 
And he adds “Please enjoy your walk through here. It was not possible to pick litter at the same time, so if you get chance, take a small carrier bag with you and pick up just a bit of litter on the way, and eventually it should all get cleared”. He might have added “Don’t drop your litter here or anywhere else for others to pick up” but he didn’t! Instead he simply said “Please take pride in Burscough, if the residents can’t show they care, then how can we encourage the Authorities to up their game?”

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